Texas textbook update: all books approved by school board; creationists lose big time

Science is participative, but not democratic. A vote will not make evolution false, but it can make it look false. That’s why it’s so important to keep an open and critical mind, to detect the lie and to correct it.

Why Evolution Is True

The Texas Freedom Network has emailed us that the last-minute delays about adopting a problematic textbook (too much evolution, I suspect) have been resolved: the Texas School Board simply adopted everything:

Despite last-minute efforts by some board members and political activists to derail the adoption of two textbooks, the State Board of Education today voted to adopt all of the proposed instructional materials up for adoption for high school biology and environmental science. Throughout the adoption process, publishers refused to make concessions that would have compromised science instruction on evolution and climate change in their textbooks, said Texas Freedom Network President Kathy Miller.

“It’s hard to overstate the importance of today’s vote, which is a huge win for science education and public school students in Texas,” Miller said. “Four years ago this board passed controversial curriculum standards some members hoped would force textbooks to water down instruction on evolution and…

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